Navaneeth K N

My name is Navaneeth. I live in Bangalore, India. I am a software developer at Alation. I Worked previously at Thoughtworks Studios.

I am a Free Software enthusiast, and an open-source advocate. Programming is my passion and I have aquired masters in computer applications.

In my free time, I usually work on open-source projects. I have started Varnamproject, a predictive input tool for Indian languages. I'm also part of language computing groups. My open-source works are available at Github and Gitlab repositories.

Photography is my another area of interest. I take photographs occasionally and post it on my Flickr stream.

You may be interested in my resume. You can also follow me on Twitter

Occasionally, I blog about technology, travel, photography etc.

I also do freelance projects and consulting. Feel free to contact me if required at twitter.